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MARTA Valentines Digital Art Booth | 2020 | ATLANTA

MARTA or the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority is the main public transportation system in the city of Atlanta, GA. Their art initiative MARTA Artbound, sponsored their first digital art piece with me (Woo!) for their Valentine's Day Rider Appreciation event.

The concept began as a booth that would display the Valentine's Day message after a person fills in the empty heart on the front of the installation. However, handing out paper hearts to the crowd was ruled out in favor of more active participation. 

The final piece would show a live video stream of the 5 Points MARTA station, in front of the installation. The led's outlining each heart and encompassing ring would slowly pulse pink and purple. Once the installation detects someone facing it, the led's cycle through the MARTA colors (Orange, Yellow, Blue) and the outline of participant paints away the video, revealing MARTA's Valentine's day message with the motion and activity of the station.

Build Photos and MARTA's Messages

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