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Nate Damen is an expert in interactive design, robotics, and wearable technology. Armed with LEDs, wrenches, servos, and circuit boards, Nate traces neon paths across Atlanta, blurring together art and tech as his alter ego ATLTVHEAD.

Technology is so easily misused to manipulate, divide, and daze the public. Televisions share ideas in one direction and have been used to program people/culture.

My work focuses on spreading pro-human programming, by creating spontaneous moments meant to make you smile. I play with the form, aesthetic, cultural impacts, and psychological effects of the television. However, my tv's are controlled by you, the public. The live stream chat can interact with what positive message is being displayed on Atltvhead, and in that way can interact with those physically around me.

Featured by:

- The Atlanta Beltline

- Hackaday

- General Assembly

- Creative Loafing

- Tech Square  ATL


Feel free to check out my latest live stream recaps on Youtube or Insta



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