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The Model A is a positive, art generating television. It features 5 channels and can connect to the internet. TV's are a communication tool, they share ideas, and have the ability to program people. Take back our programming! Tune into positivity and soak up those human vibes with the Model A.

Channel 1: Positive reflection of the day - gets date from the internet and corresponds it to a phrase

Channel 2: Time - gets time from the internet

Channel 3: Cosine: user input generates different images based on a cosine EQ

Channel 4: Sine: user input generates different images based on a sine function

Channel 5: Log : user input generates different images based on a log function

-FEATURED IN Kai-Lin Art Gallery - Fresh 2 show

Television Colors by Morgan Strickland

          **Contact Kai-Lin Art for Purchasing**


Below is a series of build photos and videos! I hope you enjoy!

I used Fusion 360 to model all of the electronics components. Then using the components geometries, I created the television parts.

Here you can see the rough electronic models. I also started forming the base of the tv.

Eventually, I finished modeling the front, upper body, base, knob, handle, antenna holder, and antennas.

I then used an Ultimaker 2 to print out all of my tv model parts.

To prep the parts, I sanded them smooth.

I then coated each part with filler and primer, with sanding in between coats.

After the prep work I painted each part, for two tone televisions.

Morgan Strickland decided the color palette for each television.

Now after all of the tvs are painted, it was time for the electronics.

I chose most of my components early on, which did end up limiting what I could do code wise.

Components are a 3.5" tft screen, ESP32, 2600mAh battery, on/off switch, lip charging circuit, and encoder. I grabbed most of the electronics from adafruit.

Time to get it all soldered up. I was connecting the encoder and power to the esp here.

Attached the screen!

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