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Welcome to Tvhead Online with Atltvhead!
The idea is interaction and positivity! While I walk around this city, let your voice of positivity fly through the internet and onto my face!
Its like an interactive performance, and you are the star!
Type commands in, talk to others in chat, Share something positive and I'll give it a mention on the stream!

    How do I control the tvhead?

1.  Make a account (  <-- there is a link to help you


2.  Login to your account


3.  Visit Atltvhead's website (

4.  Type !help in the chat room, TvheadBot will help you out with a list of commands :)

5.  Twitch will send you a pop up, that says:

"Hi Username. You are attempting to send "!tvbot" in atltvhead's chat via an embedded version of Twitch Chat. Are you sure you want to do this? This setting will persist until you refresh the page"

 ->This is from the twitch, just making sure you want to use chat from my website. If not you can always go to to view the stream and chat there.

When do you Stream?

I'll be streaming weekly! As the year progress I'll be getting a more consistent schedule for everyone.

Look out, I'll be sending out a morning post on a stream day!

TvheadBot is my personal assistant. She takes your words and tells me what to do. You may find that she'll even give words of encouragement and hugs.

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